Sunday, November 29, 2015

Episode 5: Colby Wentlandt

Two Races and a Beer: We give this segment a make over this episode and convert it over to "One Race and two beers" with Bo Millwood and Karen Jackson as the run down the coast in the 2015 Tarheel Ultra. Their Spotlight beers are Oskar Blues, Pinner and Outer Banks Brewing Stations, Lemon Grass Wheat Ale. This may be a podcast first where we interview someone during a race!

Runner Spotlight: Colby Wentlandt joins us after his record breaking run at the 2015 Icarus 6-Day race. Colby ran his first 100 miler at the age of 12 and just prior to his 15th birthday (Nov 29) he ran a total of 361 miles while setting multiple records along the way. Colby gives us insight to what it takes to train for and run the distances that he does. His positive attitude towards the naysayers is spot on and there is nothing that can break his spirit or his love for running!

Music: Intro, Runner Spotlight and Bumper Volbeat: Heaven Nor Hell Two Races and a Beer: Beastie Boys: Sabotage

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